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ScanGauge - FAQ



Which ScanGauge should I get for my car? 

For standard OBD2 compatible vehicle the options are ScanGauge2, ScanGauge3 or ScanGaugeE. 

ScanGauge2 is the bigger unit - capable to display 4 real time gauges and it has got x-gauge feature that allows you to monitor car make and model dependent gauges like transmission temperature, EGT etc. 

ScanGauge3 is the bigger unit - capable to display 9 real time gauges, color-touch screen and it has got auto-detect x-gauge feature that allows you to monitor car make and model dependent gauges like transmission temperature, EGT etc. 

ScanGaugeE is the smaller unit - capable to display 2 real time gauges and a graph, CO2 but does not have the x-gauge feature. 

ScanGaugeD & ScanGaugeKR are for heavy diesel vehicles (trucks) using J1939 or J1708 protocols (6 pin or 9 pin round shape diagnostic port). 


Will ScanGauge2 or ScanGauge3 work on my car? 

ScanGauge2 or ScanGauge3 work with any OBD2 compatible car. In Australia the OBD2 compatibility is different then in the parts of the world. Most of the cars in Australia became OBD2 between 2006-2010. The 16 pins trapezoid shape port does not make your car OBD2 compatible. See the Australian OBD2 compatibility page here

If your car is not listed please contact our support to check compatibility. 


What is the difference between ScanGauge2 and ScanGauge3? 

Size & Design - ScanGauge3 has got bigger, color touch screen and can display 9 gauges at the time where the ScanGauge2 has smaller backlit LCD screen and can display 4 gauges at the time

Gauges - ScanGauge2 x-gauges (car specific gauges like the transmission temperature or EGT) are entered manually where the ScanGauge3 has the capability to auto-detect most of the x-gauges via the car make in the x-gauge menu

Alams - ScanGauge3 has got the capability to set up audio and visual alarms for the pre-set readings, ScanGauge2 does not have this capability 

Diagnoses - ScanGauge3 does give an explanation when there is a fault code, ScanGauge2 only displays the fault code

Updates - ScanGauge3 can update via wifi, ScanGauge2 update requires main board replacement 

*there are no any planned updates for ScanGauge2 

Package Includes - ScanGauge3 comes with window mount by default,m ScanGauge2 the window mount is optional add-on ($45)



Where can I buy ScanGauge2 or ScanGauge3?

Online- ScanGauge2 can be purchased online on our website ScanGauge2 here or ScanGauge3 here The standard shipping Australia wide is included in the price. 

In store - If your prefer to buy one in person you can buy one from on of our partner re-sellers. See the full list of stockists here

*we do recommend you call the store to make sure they the model you are after in stock


Do I need to buy anything else for my ScanGauge2? 

ScanGauge2 comes with all need for the set up. The package includes ScanGauge2 unit, cable connecting the unit and your vehicle (OBD2), double-sided mounting tape to attach the unit and the user manual. 

There is an option to purchase window mount which allows you to attach the unit on your dashboard or your windscreen. See here


Do I need to buy anything else for my ScanGauge3? 

ScanGauge3 comes with all need for the set up including the window mount. The package includes ScanGauge3 unit, cable connecting the unit and your vehicle (OBD2), double-sided mounting tape to attach the unit and the user manual. 


Which digital gauges are available for my car? 

ScanGauge2 and ScanGauge3 should give you around 15 OBD2 build in gauges (plug and play). See the full list on the product page. Additional gauges can be added by entering X-Gauge commands (by utilising X-Gauge feature). 

See the X-Gauges for your vehicle here


Can I monitor transmission temperature or EGT with ScanGauge on my car? 

The transmission temperature and EGT are car make, model & year make specific gauge and can be easily added to the 15 build in gauges by entering X-Gauge commands (by utilising X-Gauge feature). 

See the X-Gauges for your vehicle here


Where do I plug the ScanGauge2?

ScanGauge2 and ScanGauge3 connects to your OBD2 port. It is normally located under the dashboard. It is 16 pins trapezoid shape.


Does the ScanGauge2 and ScanGauge3 come with the latest firmware?

Yes all the units purchased from ScanGauge Australia as well as from the partner re-sellers listed on our website come with the latest Australian firmware 4.52AU/ ScanGauge2 and 1.21 ScanGauge3. 


How often do I need to update my ScanGauge?

As long as your current vehicle is covered for the X-Gauges available for it you do not require to update your unit. 


Where are ScanGauges being made?

Up to this date ScanGauges are made in USA. 


What is the size of the ScanGauge2 (ScanGaugeD, ScanGaugeKR)?

12.2cm x 3.8cm x 2.55cm


What is the size of the ScanGauge3?

12.7cm x 8.1cm x 2.55cm


What is the length of the ScanGauge2 (ScanGaugeD, ScanGaugeKR) and ScanGauge3 cable?

181 cm 





ScanGauge keeps saying connecting

First – be sure the key is in the RUN position, and/or start engine.

If that does not solve the problem, then the ECU may not responding properly. You may need to manually set, or “Force”, the operating MODE of your ScanGauge. Please refer to the user manual for your ScanGauge for information on how to access the MODE setting screen. See the digital copy of user manual (reset ScanGauge or Read/ Set Operating mode page 56-57) here

Next – confirm your vehicle meets the minimum OBDII, OBD2 or EOBD compatibility requirements. In Australia 16 pin trapezoid shape (OBD2 style) plug does not make your vehicle OBD2 compatible. It is your ECU that dictates whether your vehicle is OBD1 or OBD2. Click the following link to check whether your car is OBD2 compatible


Some gauges are blank 

Some sensors are not used in the vehicle or data is not reported by ECU. Only about 10% of vehicles show FPR and 50% show MAP.


How to Add an X-Gauge

See the user manual page 39 here

Or see step by step video guide here


ScanGauge does not turn on after the battery went flat

Disconnect and reconnect the unit from all ends and try again. 99.9% of such a cases get resolved like this. 


ScanGauge does not show boost 

ScanGauge2 and ScanGauge3 is designed to read boost (BST) as part of its build in digital gaues via OBD2. This is avaialble on most turbo and super charged engines. The build in boost gauge BST uses the MAP sensor to calculate the boost. Negative value is normal. When a negative value is reported it is reporting the vacuum. 

If boost is not showing but MAP does you need to switch in between MAP or BST in the settings of your unit. See user manual page 17 here

*due to updates done on Isuzu models 2017+ BT is not reporting as OBD2 standard so ScanGauge2 is not able to display it. Read more here


Trip Fuel is very inaccurate after using fill-up adjustment

Possible error in adjustment procedure - check the vaues entered in the initial set up and recalibrate your ScanGauge as per the user user manual.