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ScanGauge 3

Our Reviews

Scanguage 3

Scanguage 3 is better in many ways than the scanguage 2. More info available, easy to use, and adjustable fuel flow rate to get more accurate fuel economy readings.

Scan Gauge 3

Great product, you get all vehicle monitored info in one place. However the mounting arm is great for the windscreen but not the dash which I prefer. Heaps cheaper than Redarc gauges (which we also have on our 80 series) & far easier to install .

Scangauge 3

Have only had it for a few weeks and it does all I want of it. Still playing with settings, however those that I use are excellent. Very easy to see the gauges, especially the coolant gauge which is great considering I have it fitted to a Subaru Forester. I highly recommend this Scangauge 3

Scangauge 3

Great product. Is very good value for money. It a good monitor and scan tool. The X gauges are a bonus especially if you own a vehicle that is not the norm. It works especially well on my Ford F250 Super Duty. Delivery was prompt.

Scangauge 3 in 2023 DMax XTerrain

I previously had the Scangauge 2 in my DMax but I lashed out and bought the 3. Best decision I've made regarding things for my vehicle. Easy to set up, easy to use and full of all the information I need when towing my caravan. I highly recommend it.

Scan vague 3

Easy set up works well