Made in USA. 3 Yrs Limited Warranty on ScanGauge Monitors

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ScanGauge 3

Our Reviews

Amazing what you see

Amazing what readings you get to see. Engine temps auto transmission temperature revs , pressures. The list goes on. Worth every penny and the worry has been eliminated.

Great piece of technology

ScanGauge Australia are great people to deal with, and are very helpful with any queries you my have. The ScanGauge 3 is amazing and relatively easy to set up. Still trying to work out how to change the name of a gauge like TFT to Tans Fluid Temp. So if you could help in this area it would be great.


I was having problems with transmission temperature whilst towing our van, now it has taken that stress away of worrying if the transmission is getting as I can monitor it so much better. This product is working well

Going one better!!

Upgraded from my Scanguage 2 for my current model TF BT-50. Now I can see Transmission Oil temps for both the oil pan and converter sensors. EGT's, Coolant and intake temps etc. Took a great product and made it awesome! Well worth the $$$ and was shipped super quick - Thanks Scangauge Australia!!

5 Star product

Awesome bit of gear for my new 23 MU-X, love it!


Just upgraded from the SG2, worth the price for the extra features. Only problem is some vehicle manufacturers won’t allow some features too be added.