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ScanGauge-II - AU Version

Our Reviews

Best tool you can buy for your car!

I had over 14,000kms of trouble with my vehicle. Constant stalling, loss of power and more. It had been back to the dealership several times where they repeatedly told me: “There is no issue”; ”We can’t find any problem”; and “It must be related to something you’ve installed!” Frustrated beyond belief, I purchased the scanguage-II to detect faults and record performance leading up to issues that occurred, helping to identify problems. Less than one minute after I installed the sanguage-II, code P0234 was identified. Amazingly, the dealership suddenly “agreed” with my version, replacing the turbo and wastegate accordingly under warranty. This product has saved me hours of frustration and bewilderment. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to observe live data or find faults their dealership refuses to admit exist.

Scangauge 2

Great tool x gauge great extra

Scangauge 2

Very good service from vendor & was very quick to reply to some questions I had on setup . As I tow a caravan this gauge is a great help to monitor my 4wd.


One of the best accessory I've purchased for my vehicle. Super easy to install works great no ugly aftermarket wiring, looks and works great easy to read and program. It's so good thinking of purchasing for my 2 other vehicles. Highly recommend ScanGauge-II.

Scangauge II - very happy :-)

Speedy delivery (actually arrived earlier than estimated), so very happy with that :-). Had nearly 3 weeks now to get through the 'playing around' stage'. First, installation was a breeze once I worked out where to mount it (I just used the supplied velcro strips and mounted it on steering column, just behind the wheel - clear view and doesn't block out the dash gauges. After following the initial setup process, it was up and running.Have had a look through most of the settings, and added a few X-gauges, some with success, a couple not so much - possibly a limitation of what the car (BT-50) makes available. So, overall very happy - it fires up when the engine starts running, and shuts down when I stop. And all the data is at my fingertips. The data/settings, etc, can be a bit fiddly with the buttons, but once you are familiar with it, not really a problem. Haven't had the engine light come up, so haven't been able check out the code reporting and clearing, but I know it is there if I need it. Overall, very happy the unit and the service. Thank you.


Couldn't be happier with my Scangauge 2, awesome product for displaying engine results and diagnosing issues I would normally have to take to the mechanic for issues like check engine light. The postage was lightening fast also!