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ScanGauge-II - AU Version

Our Reviews

Love the doesn't feel right driving

Thank you for your help . I took your advice .'s now working again . Love the doesn't feel right driving without it. Cheers Graeme


Absolutely Brilliant product and support. Super easy install and setup including X Guage. Just good Aussie stuff.

Scangauge -II Au version

Bought for Prado 150. Delivered in 3 days, installation including programming X Gauge is very easy. Watching DPF % and regeneration with this. Useful with all the publicity on DPF.

Best tool you can buy for your car!

I had over 14,000kms of trouble with my vehicle. Constant stalling, loss of power and more. It had been back to the dealership several times where they repeatedly told me: “There is no issue”; ”We can’t find any problem”; and “It must be related to something you’ve installed!” Frustrated beyond belief, I purchased the scanguage-II to detect faults and record performance leading up to issues that occurred, helping to identify problems. Less than one minute after I installed the sanguage-II, code P0234 was identified. Amazingly, the dealership suddenly “agreed” with my version, replacing the turbo and wastegate accordingly under warranty. This product has saved me hours of frustration and bewilderment. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to observe live data or find faults their dealership refuses to admit exist.

Scangauge 2

Great tool x gauge great extra

Scangauge 2

Very good service from vendor & was very quick to reply to some questions I had on setup . As I tow a caravan this gauge is a great help to monitor my 4wd.