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J1939 & J1708 Compatibility

Compatibility For ScanGauge-D and ScanGauge-KR

Unlike most passenger vehicles, OBDII is not the standard for large diesel powered vehicles such as diesel rigs, trucks, buses and other agricultural and mining machineries – these type of vehicles rely on the J1939 and J1708 protocols. Diagnostic tools for these vehicles are both cumbersome and expensive. The ScanGauge-KR and ScanGauge-D will change all that.

The ScanGauge-D and ScanGauge-KR are compatible with almost all vehicles that use J1939 (9-pin) or J1708 (6-pin) OBD protocol from 1990 and newer. The universal plug included is designed to plug directly into the diagnostics connector under the dash of your vehicle. Featuring more than 15 built-in digital gauges, trip computers as well as a diagnostic scan tool to read and clear engine trouble codes. All in simple, easy-to-use compact design that installs in minutes.