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ScanGauge 2 - Australian Version

Our Reviews

Great piece of gear for 4x4 enthusiasts

I’ve now had the Scan Gauge 2 installed for over a month on my Hilux and can thoroughly recommend buying one if your in the market. Pros : 1. Easy to install, it’s a plug and play device; 2. simple to configure the device to your vehicles specs; 3. simple to use, just select the gauge you want to display by scrolling through the available gauges - can display up to 4 gauges at a time; 4. ability to configure additional gauges using Xgauge; 5. ability to read and clear fault codes - most important feature if your 4x4 decides to go into limp mode somewhere in the bush. Cons: none. In summary, a versatile piece of configurable equipment which provides valuable insights into the cars performance and health. Highly recommended.

The second purchased Scangauge 2 works like the fi

Trying not to be negative is hard given the experience with my original Scangauge 2. However, the "new" unit experience has been great as the issue experienced with the original unit doesn't occur. Within seconds of the ignition being turned I can see the four configured sensors displayed. I purchased the Scangauge 2 so I could use it's X-Gauge feature to monitor the temperature of the automatic transmission Original Scangauge display issue: I purchased my original Scangauge 2 on 04Aug18. Since around 18Feb20 it intermittently either did not display anything or "rubbish" or just the "Connecting" message. My "work around" was to unplug/replug the cable until it worked. It was sent back for repair twice but issue still persisted. After "putting up" with this (getting worse over time), I purchased a second one on 21Mar22. From it's installation on 28Mar22 using the original cable, the new one displayed the configured sensors almost immediately with no "Connecting" message. I now wish I had done this before now.

Scanguage 2

Very happy with the purchase. Easy to install in my bt50 and also easy to install a couple of x gauge readings into the display. Well worth it to be able to detect a possible problem occurring before any major damage done


Works perfectly in my 2020 suzuki jimny . The Jimny does not have a temperature gauge so being able to access the actual coolant temp in real time is an excellent feature , highly recommended

So far, so good

Not had the unit for long but have known about them for a long time. Having recently bough a vehicle with minimal gauges and a speedo that is 8km out, this unit seems to be the answer. I wanted a reputable brand unit and not a cheap knock off. Matching the back light colour to the dash lights is great. Only just did my first fuel up, so not able to have fuel economy results as yet.