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ScanGauge 2 - Australian Version

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Purchased this product to see what the actual water temperature is. It has other gauges as well. It is just the product I want to see what the engine of my Nex Gen Ford Ranger is doing in real time, a great bit of gear.

Not only great for letting you know how you drive

I have a scangauge in both my pilot vehicles and it helps with knowing the costings of each job. On our sprinter the fuel gauge decided that it did not want to show what was in the tank which is when the tank to empty came into play and has worked a treat


I'm very happy with my scan gauge. It only took a few minutes to install. As I'm towing a 3t caravan, I wanted to monitor the trans temp on my 2017 Ranger Wildtrak. At first it didn't bring that up but after downloading the codes from the website it works perfectly. Fast Shipping as well. Thank you.


I purchased this item from a recommendation by a family member and it certainly lives up to what it says it does. It gives me all the information I need at the push of a button and is easy to use. Very happy.

Scangauge 2

Great customer service quick delivery good quality product does what I needed it two do for my Triton great to be able to monitor transmission temp and clear engine codes if needed definitely recommend scangauge 2

Great piece of gear for 4x4 enthusiasts

I’ve now had the Scan Gauge 2 installed for over a month on my Hilux and can thoroughly recommend buying one if your in the market. Pros : 1. Easy to install, it’s a plug and play device; 2. simple to configure the device to your vehicles specs; 3. simple to use, just select the gauge you want to display by scrolling through the available gauges - can display up to 4 gauges at a time; 4. ability to configure additional gauges using Xgauge; 5. ability to read and clear fault codes - most important feature if your 4x4 decides to go into limp mode somewhere in the bush. Cons: none. In summary, a versatile piece of configurable equipment which provides valuable insights into the cars performance and health. Highly recommended.