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ScanGauge 2 - Australian Version

Our Reviews

Scanguage 2

Good service good price works exactly as advised...Very heplful tool especially monitoring motor and transmission when towing.

Simple, Easy, Effective

Vehicle: Landrover Discovery 3 TDV6 - I purchased a Scangauge 2 in order to be able to monitor transmission and engine/oil temps in real time. This is available with the X-gauge option along with a long list of other values. The ability to be able to change and set up the display to your own liking has been invaluable. I can now monitor current gear/rpm/water and transmission temperature with one glance at the Scangauge and change those options as I wish. So good when towing. The fact that the backlighting can be matched to your instrument panel means it looks like an OEM fit. A great product, simple to use and fit with information that is relevant and easily accessed!

Scangauge 2

Great unit. Programmed to read automatic transmission temp. Thanks

Ford Ranger PX3

One of the best mods I've done to the Ranger. After getting the smart alternator function turned off, the scan gauge now tells me how many volts is now charging the camper trailer. .

Not Impressed

Advertised price for scangauge2 $270.00. Looked up the "where to buy". closest one to me was 80Km away, had to go there on another matter so thought I would try and keep my money as close to local as possible. Price quoted $297.00. Needless to say they didn't get my money.

Great information & diagnostic tool

Comprehensive set of standard gauges and another dozen for my LC200 (total of 28). It will be great to know what is going on under the bonnet instead of driving along worrying about vehicle stresses from towing a load. Fabulously simple to install. The only downside is that you can only see 4 gauges at a time and to access the other 24, you have to pick one display slot then cycle through the complete list of gauges to find the gauge you want. That's a PITA. The gauges should be able to be grouped in clusters of 4 and displayed as a page rather than individually. So inclusion of Page buttons, separate to position buttons, would be very user friendly.