Made in USA. 3 Yrs Limited Warranty on ScanGauge Monitors

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ScanGauge Digital Fuel Economy Gauges Trip Computers OBD Code Readers

ScanGauge products are designed to plug directly into the vehicle diagnostic connector located under the dash. ScanGauge effectively monitors and provides heaps of real-time information crucial to manage your vehicle. Incorporates well over 15 digital gauges, trip data consisting of 5 sets as well as an Engine Scan Tool whose main function is to bring alert to you of any set and pending trouble codes.

ScanGauge-II and ScanGauge-E are suitable for all petrol and diesel OBDII compatible vehicles with 16-PIN connector. ScanGauge-KR and ScanGauge-D are suitable for all large diesel vehicles with 9-PIN J1939 and 6-PIN J1708 connectors.

ScanGaugeII features include our exclusive X-Gauge technology, which lets you program new gauges and a built-in Performance Monitor.

The ScanGaugeE includes special tools designed to track your MPG in real-time, such as an instant fuel economy feedback graph.

The ScanGaugeD is designed to work with your diesel pusher RV and over-the road long haul trucks.

The ScanGaugeKR Edition includes special features for the professional truck driver.