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Why Do You Need a ScanGauge When Towing A Caravan

Own a Caravan? Make Sure You Install This Vital Item...

That would be ScanGauge. It’ll save you on petrol. It saves your engine. And it keeps you out of trouble…

How so? Read below to find out!

If you’re towing a caravan or a heavy trailer you must be aware that this puts extra load on your engine and transmission. In addition, a possible different tyres size, tank size and extra load will result in different fuel and tank reading on your dash leaving you with minimum information to manage your vehicle on the road. This lack of data may result in catastrophes if not monitored and dealt with at the right time.


What is ScanGauge?

ScanGauge is an advanced vehicle monitor that provides the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include more than 15 built-in and programmable digital gauges, multiple Trip Computers to keep track of everything from fuel cost, to distance traveled, and everything in between. As well as a Scan Tool that shows both set and pending trouble codes — all in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes.


Why Do I need One?

ScanGauge will help you keep an eye on your vehicle's most vital systems and make sure they are within normal operating conditions. In addition to all the built-in gauges, ScanGauge-II features the exclusive X-Gauge feature which allows you to program additional manufacturer specific gauges. This includes transmission temperature, EGT, DPF and many more. 

It'll also help you monitor real-time fuel consumption - a proven method to save up to 33% in fuel by adjusting your driving style. Log and track your fuel tank, distance and costs or clear an engine trouble code to get you out of limp mode when mostly needed!.

Simply put, whether you’re driving on the road, off-road and off-grid, it is important to equip your vehicle with a ScanGauge to keep you out of trouble and help you drive safer and smarter!


OK – I’m Convinced. How Does it Work?

That's the best part. There's nothing flashy. ScanGauge is simply a Plug & Play unit that installs in minutes with no tools or batteries required. Just plug the cable into the diagnostic port under the dash and after short initial set up your ScanGauge will be ready to use. Then customise the gauges you want to monitor, background colour, fuel cost, tank capacity and let ScanGauge do the trick for you!



Here are what some of ScanGauge customers say:

“Excellent tool to monitor your vehicle condition, so easy to use and program, I particularly wanted to monitor my auto transmission temperature and was able to program it to display this.”

By: Glenn W Lister


“Heck yeah to know what your real temps etc are rather than relying on a needle is a huge benefit also transmission temp so you know if you are working it too hard will help it last in these climates we have.”

By Tony Den


“Purchased the scanguage2 for my Ford Ranger, got the codes for what I needed to be monitored by the scanguage and within 20 minutes was up and working, very pleased with the results.”

By: Quenton Rae


“One of the best accessory I've purchased for my vehicle. Super easy to install works great no ugly aftermarket wiring, looks and works great easy to read and program. It's so good thinking of purchasing for my 2 other vehicles. Highly recommend ScanGauge-II.”

By: William Hill


“Good product quality, easy to install with excellent instructions. Much better then some of the cheaper alternatives. Well worth the money. “

By Shasha


“Awesome product. Gives you all the information the car manufacturers don't think you want or need. I looked up the fault codes it showed me and fixed my car, saving me hundreds of dollars in mechanic repairs not to mention the fuel saving and added horsepower from fixing one small thing. Someone who owned the car before me had blocked the airflow to the airbox. Scangauge showed a fault of running rich and an inlet temperature too high. Paid for itself already!!”.

By Jason


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