Made in USA. 3 Yrs Limited Warranty on ScanGauge Monitors

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ScanGauge and flat battery


What to do in case your battery went flat and the ScanGauge is not turning on? 


Often we receive inquiries from our customers saying that their ScanGauge is not turning on after their battery went flat- they had to jump start their car or replaced the battery.

None of these affect the functionality of the ScanGauge. To bring it back to life simply disconnect the lead from all ends - from the port on the unit as well as the OBD2 port and re-connect all back again. 

By re-connecting the ScanGauge you will not lose/ erase any data. All the set up data, trip data and X-Gauges are saved in the units memory.   


*in case the unit is still not turning on please contact us HERE.