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How to Add X-Gauge to ScanGauge-II

The ScanGaugeII includes a number of advanced features and functions, such as the exclusive X-GAUGE™ programmable gauge system, the built-in vehicle Performance Monitor™ and the ability to send your vehicle’s ECU Custom Commands.

While all OBDII compliant vehicles supply a “standard” set of data that ScanGauge can read, some makes and models of vehicles can supply additional information beyond the standard set of data. Your ScanGauge features the exclusive X-GAUGE™ Programmable Gauge System that provides you a method to tap into this additional information. The X-GAUGE feature allows you to extend the capabilities of your ScanGauge to include things like: vehicle specific gauges, trip data as gauges, and special function gauges.

Programming a new X-GAUGE and saving it to your ScanGauge is simple and easy. Each X-GAUGE consists of specific alpha-numeric strings, or “codes,” you enter into the ScanGauge via the front panel push buttons. Your ScanGauge provides enough internal memory to save up to 25 X-GAUGES.

For more information refer to page 40 in your ScanGauge user manual.