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Calibrate Boost/Vacuum Gauge on Your ScanGauge-II

ScanGauge-II is designed to read Boost (BST) as part of its built-in digital gauges. This is available on most Turbo and Super charged engines.

How does the boost gauge BST work on your ScanGauge?

The built in boost gauge BST uses the MAP sensor to calculate the boost. Negative value at idle is normal. When a negative value is reported, it is reporting the vacuum.

How to calibrate your boost gauge BST?

There is a way to calibrate the boost gauge BST if needed. See the step by step guide below.

  1. Turn the ignition ON
  2. Turn the ScanGauge ON if not wake up automatically
  3. Find BST gauge
  4. Wait until BST reads 0
  5. Turn the vehicle's engine ON

*If the reading still seems off then there could be an issue with the MAP sensor on the vehicle.