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2015+ Navara with ScanGauge2 (Coolant Temp & Boost Fix)

Announcement for Customers with latest Nissan Navara (D23, 2015+).

*might apply on other latest Nissan models as well


There were some updates done by Nissan and two of the build in gauges are reporting incorrectly/ out of OBD2 standard - boost (BST) & coolant water temperature (cWT). We managed to find a fix that can be applied to make both of them working as supposed. The good news is that there were no further changes done by Nissan and all the other built-in gauges, trip computers and engine diagnostics - read and clear trouble codes work well with latest Navara models.


See the fix below.

Boost - needs to be calibrated. See how to calibrate your boost HERE.

You can find all Nissan X-Gauge codes including the coolant/ water temperature here HERE.