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Mercedes X-Gauges

Each X-GAUGE consists of 4 program parameter screens — TXD, RXF, RXD and MTH — as well as one gauge name screen. See user manual page 39 to learn how to add X-Gauge.



Gauge Auto Transmission Temperature ATF(1)                                     
TXD 07E1220290 
RXF C32200000000 
RXD 2008 
MTH 00010001FFCE 

 *confirmed working on 2019 X-Class


Sprinter 906 

Gauge Auto Transmission Temperature ATF(2)                                     
TXD 07E12190
RXF 432200000000 
RXD 1808 
MTH 00010001FFCE 

*confirmed to be working on 2015 906 Sprinter

*minimum frmware required 4.22AU

*might work on any other Mercedes equipped with 7G tronic tranmission

Gauge Current Gear GER (#)                                                                                
TXD 07E12190
RXF 432100000000  
RXD 4C04
MTH 000100010000

*testing feed back required

 *minimum frmware required 4.22AU