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Ford X-Gauges

Each X-GAUGE consists of 4 program parameter screens — TXD, RXF, RXD and MTH — as well as one gauge name screen. See user manual page 39 to learn how to add X-Gauge.



Gauge Auto Transmission Temperature ATF(1)                                     
TXD 07E1221E1C
RXF 0462451E061C
RXD 3010
MTH 003F000A000

 for PX Rnger 2011+ & 5 cylinder turbo diesel models  

Gauge Auto Transmission Temperature ATF(2)                                     
TXD 07E1221674
RXF 046205160674
RXD 2008
MTH 00050048FFEE

PK Ranger

Gauge Auto Transmission Temperature ATF(3)                                     
TXD C410F1221674
RXF 046205160674
RXD 3010
MTH 00050048FFEE

PWM Protocol ATF Temperature (Degrees Celsius)

Gauge Fuel Rail Pressure                                                             
TXD 07DF0123
RXF 044145230000
RXD 2810
MTH 001D00c80000

 output is scaled, eg 10 = 10000 PSI, confirmed on PJ Ranger 


Gauge Coolant Temperature                                                                  
TXD 07E00105
RXF 02E804410505
RXD 2808
MTH 00010001FFD8

 for Falcon.

Default coolant gauge fluctutes between correct reading and -40.

 This is replacement x-Gauge.