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Use ScanGauge to Get Your Car Out Of Limp Mode

Let's talk about one feature on ScanGauge that is not well know - the ability of ScanGauge to get your car out of limp mode. ScanGauge is capable to diagnose the engine (read & clear trouble codes) therefore you can use it to scan your vehicle in case the engine light goes on and your car is in limp mode. (This should work with Engine related sensors. To cover more sensors consider a multi-system OBD scan tool.)

This can be handy not only if you are in remote location. To be able to get out of the limp mode use 'Scan Tool' function on your ScanGauge. Limp mode is a feature that was set in place to protect the engine and/or transmission from further damage, and to give the driver enough time to get off the road in the event of a serious engine malfunction. Therefore try to understand the fault and be really careful when you decide to continue driving to avoid further damage to your vehicle. See more about Scan Tool function on ScanGauge below.

Scan Tool Overview
The ScanGauge features a built-in Scan Tool that you can use to view and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), view the parameters that were present when a Trouble Code was logged, and turn off the Check Engine light.

How to Access the Scan Tool?
From the Home Screen, press the function button next to SCAN to access the built-in Scan Tool. When you press SCAN, the ScanGauge immediately checks your vehicle’s computer for any DTCs. Generally, a Trouble Code will cause your Check Engine light turn on.  See more in the user manual page 33.