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Set Speed Adjustments on ScanGauge

Early this month we have received interesting inquiry from on of our customers that observed different readings from his ScanGauge2 versus his GPS speed readings and his analogue speedometer.

Enquiry from the customer:

‘Thanks for sending the product so promptly.
For the first trip with the unit set to gauges, I have found that the kilometres per hour is reading 7 kph under my gps reading and 5kph under the vehicle analogue speedo.
Can this be rectified ?
I do like the product, thus far, and believe it will be a valuable asset.

Before we managed to reply to the customer he had repleid to us that he managed to resolve it by going over the user manual  and adjusted the percentage gain on the ScangGauge so that the KPH readings were synchronized with the vehicle.

More about the Speed Adjustments can be found in the user manual page 15.


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