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News: Alternative Manifold Absolute Pressure X-Gauge reading wider range for Tritons


Based on our customer's inquiry MN and MQ Tritons are tuned to a peak boost reading of 26-27.5 PSI but ScanGauge2 only reads there up to 22.3 PSI and will not read any higher. Therefore the engineer has gone through it and found an alternative Manifold Absolute Pressure X-Gauge that is capable to read a wider range. See the X-Gauges and read more below. 

*fix might be applicable on another makes/ models too


Extended Range Manifold Absolute Pressure(PSI)
TXD: 07E02102
RXF: 046185020000
RXD: 3808
MTH: 03C701F40000

Manifold Absolute Pressure Extended Range Adjusted to show Boost (PSI)
TXD: 07E02102
RXF: 046185020000
RXD: 3808
MTH: 03C701F4FF6E

*EMP is just the raw absolute manifold pressure, which has an overall max of 49.3 PSI.  The PSI XGauge subtracts out an ambient pressure of 14.6 (that's what it read during the time of the data log) so it will show a boost value.  Depending on the ambient pressure, it may need to be adjusted.  Using the EMP XGauge and then changing the last 4 digits of the MTH using the table found on these usage notes will allow you to fine tune it if the ambient pressure changes much: