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New X-Gauges for EGT, DPF and more for AU Mitsubishi Pajero Sport


Great news! We had recently a data logger plugged into 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Based on the data generated and processed there are now more X-Gauges available for these models. See the list of new X-Gauges below:

  • Fuel Temperature (°C)
  • Fuel Pressure (1000's of PSI)
  • Exhaust Temperature (°C)
  • Catalyst Temperature (°C)
  • DPF Temperature (°C)
  • Transmission Temperature (°C)
  • DPF Regen Active (On/Off)
  • DPF Soot Load (Lbs)

*testing - FEED BACK required

You can find the new Mitsubishi X-Gauge codes HERE.